Tree Surgery

Maintaining environmental health with professional tree surgery

If you have a tree on your business or domestic property that needs to be maintained, treated, or even removed, Central Tree Surgeons offers a wide variety of tree surgery services.

Crown reduction services

Reducing the canopy size of a tree is a difficult method that involves many small cuts, and if it’s not done by a trained professional the tree can sustain lasting damage. Our employees are skilled in all tree surgery, including crown reduction, and can minimise the size of your tree while keeping it healthy.

Pruning and trimming

Tree surgery doesn’t have to be a drastic measure. Our pruning and hedge trimming services encourage future healthy growth while preventing your tree and foliage from becoming unruly. Although we make every effort to save any tree that we deal with, sometimes decay or damage to the tree is too great, it is in an inconvenient place, or it is no longer safe to remain standing. In these cases, we carry out a tree felling service, which involves careful planning to cut down the tree in a controlled way.

Stump removal and grinding

If you have a tree removed from your property, the stump is often left behind, which can cause future problems on the land and encourage decay. We use the latest techniques in stump removal and grinding to give you an easy, efficient removal of the entire tree.
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Wide coverage over Central Scotland

We offer our tree surgery services in many locations throughout Central Scotland, with our team travelling to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Stirling. Our services are safe, efficient, and competitively priced.

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