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tree surgeon suspended from a tree

Professional tree felling and removal

Protect your property

Worried about a tree on your property and think it needs a professional assessment? Central Tree Surgeons in West Lothian offer a FREE site visit. Should any felling work be needed, we can carry it out. We also cover Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk and Lanarkshire.

What tree felling involves

We make every effort to save any tree that we deal with. But sometimes the tree’s situation makes it a danger to the area around it. That might mean that the tree is diseased or damaged. That its position is too close to a critical structure. Or that it’s simply no longer safe to remain standing. In these cases, we carry out a tree felling service, which involves careful planning to cut down the tree in a controlled way.

construction hard hat with gloves and goggles

Confident, careful and considerate

Tree felling can be dangerous if carried out incorrectly. A falling tree can cause damage to surrounding property and pose a danger to the public. That’s why we provide our team with specialised training so that they not only know when a tree needs to be felled, but how to carry out that felling safely and correctly - with minimal disruption to you or your property.

Unloading firewood. Winter fuel supplies to villages in the mountains. Autumn works

Giving you a new view

There are many reasons to fell a tree and not all of them involve damage or disease. Removing a tree can be a great way to introduce more light into a property or can make space for the creation of a new structure. Whatever your reasons for removing that tree, we’re here to make sure it is done safely and effectively.

Removal of damaged trees

Once the tree is felled, we’ll oversee the disposal so that any inconvenience is minimised as much as possible. We’d highly recommend that you have the stump removed after the tree is felled.

Professional gardener cutting tree with chainsaw

If you think your tree might need removing altogether,
arrange a FREE site visit from our NPTC-certified tree surgeons at Central Tree Surgeons by calling 01501 743511

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