Tree Felling & Removal

Changing landscapes with tree felling

Don’t let tree felling bring you down. Removing a tree from your property doesn’t have to be a stressful or intensive process – our team can carry out the task quickly and efficiently anywhere in Central Scotland.

What tree felling involves

Although we make every effort to save any tree that we deal with, sometimes illness or damage to the tree is too great, it is in an inconvenient place, or it is no longer safe to remain standing. In these cases, we carry out a tree felling service, which involves careful planning to cut down the tree in a controlled way.

Confident, careful, and considerate

Tree felling can be dangerous if done incorrectly – a falling tree can cause damage to surrounding property or even threaten lives. That’s why we provide our team with specialised training so that they not only know when a tree needs to be felled, but how to do it safely and correctly and with minimal disruption to you or your property.

Giving you a new view

There are many reasons to fell a tree, and not all of them involve damage or disease. Removing a tree can be a great way to introduce more light into a property, or can make space for the creation of a new structure. Whatever your reasons for tree felling, we’re here to make sure it is done safely and effectively.

Removal of damaged trees

We highly recommend that you choose to have the stump removed after your tree felling. We will also remove the damaged tree for you after a felling to minimise any inconvenience.
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